We are on vacation!

Dear guests, we are closing the restaurant from 10.06 to 26.08. We are happy to accept reservations by e-mail. Thank you very much.

From farm to table, slow food at the highest level

If you talk to chef and host Soufien, you sense a very special calm. Peace and deep respect. For nature and what it produces, for the animals and for the work behind it all. With his restaurant Sprechenstein, he makes all this tangible at a very special location, Sprechenstein Castle, and with his farm-to-table concept brings such emotion to the plates that you perhaps don't often get to taste. Add to this the proud backdrop of the castle, the fantastic view into the valley and the idyllic and beautiful seclusion.

Knowing where something comes from, where it grows, what lifeblood is in it. And the rest almost comes naturally.

[Soufien Kasmi]

Straight from here. Or from just around the corner.

Our own Wagyu cattle, Pata-Negra and Schwäbisch Hall pigs provide the very special meat, Jersey cows the milk, which is processed in the farm's own cheese dairy. Home-grown fodder, the farm's own mountain spring, a handful of herbs. And everything that doesn't come from the farm itself, Soufien gets from farmers in the immediate vicinity. He knows each of them, and not only them and their handshake, but also the way they work and the passion they share.

Respect is one of my most important ingredients. For nature, for animals, for honest work.

[Soufien Kasmi]

The special time out

Perfect for all those who are looking for a little time out. The beauty of simplicity, the wonderful idyllic seclusion. Sometimes a good book and a view of the valley, sometimes a good glass of wine and the starry night sky. Sterzing only a stone's throw away, the friendly hospitality, on the other hand, only an old wooden staircase away.

All to yourself - with asterisks, because whoever wants to is also our guest for a nice breakfast or coffee and cake.

[Soufien Kasmi]